When Dr. Jackson speaks, she grips the mic with a simple mission to deliver — right now is the time to start change!

Dr. Jackson’s fun loving personality engages the audience when she speaks. Additionally, her wealth of knowledge in nutrition outfits her audience with hard hitting nutritional information to impact change.

As a professional speaker, Dr. Jackson has shared her passion for health and wellness to a wide range of audiences including:

  • Students
  • Nutrition professionals
  • Corporate audiences
  • General public at sponsored events

We Set the Stage with Sound Nutrition Science!

Keynotes & Events

Dr. Jackson has held the stages of health fairs, nutrition conferences, corporate sponsored events, private events, and even juvenile detention centers. Below are some recent events:

  • Louisiana Dietetic Association Food & Nutrition Conference Expo
  • Whole Foods Consultation Booth
  • Louisiana Corrections Association
  • Diabetes Kitchen

Keystone Keynotes!

Healthy Eating in the Real World

Practical advice for combatting the common myths of not eating right. This talk counters the argument “Eating healthy is too expensive, inconvenient, and down right disgusting!”

Nutrition and Diabetes

Discover the role nutrition plays in managing diabetes. Take away great insight on key factors to lead a healthier life and take control of diabetes.

Kickstart your health event with Keystone Nutrition!